Blogger Submission: First Experience of an Indigenous Community in Paraguay

8 09 2010

Paraguayan Atlantic Forest, Paraguay

What is poverty? I’ve heard about it. I’ve read about it. I’ve heard people preach about it. I’ve even seen infomercials on TV telling me about all of the poor children who need my help. The latter is usually accompanied by a child whose stomach is so inflated by parasites that they could almost be mistaken for being well fed. Usually their hair is messy and they have dirt caked on their hands and faces. I remember vividly watching these infomercials thinking how terrible it was that people were taking advantage of these poor children who had nothing to put them in front of a camera to be the face of their own poverty. A few weeks ago, my opinion changed. Read the rest of this entry »


Reader Submission: Wandering India Part 2

4 09 2010

Traditional Rajasthanie Dance, India

After the safari we relaxed bought a train ticket to Udaipur.  Our train was a few hours late and of course we met a local who was ever so interested in planning our trip and insisting that we call him if we ever need help.  For some reason we got that on every public transport we took in India.  We arrived in the beautiful white city of Udaipur and checked into our guesthouse and took to the streets and explored the city.  Read the rest of this entry »

Reader Submission: Not Crabby in Krabi, Thailand

1 09 2010

Krabi Town, Thailand

We’re here in Krabi, a city on the West coast of Thailand. We just came in yesterday morning and so far I think this city is really really nice. There are not many tourists here, in fact unless you’re at your bungalow the search for a white person can take a while. Read the rest of this entry »

Reader Submission: Birding in Mexico

31 08 2010

Puerto Escondido, Mexico

Today marked my first official birding tour in Mexico. Guided by Mike M., a well known ornithologist from Canada. Conveniently, he resides right down the street above the local café. He has been studying birds during the winter months of the Puerto Escondido area for over 25 years. Read the rest of this entry »

Reader Submission: Wandering India Part 1

30 08 2010

Wild Tiger, India

We headed South-West to Ranthambore National Park in search of seeing a wild tiger.  We arrived after a great train ride we arrived at the train to a sign saying “Shoan” I assumed that was me and we hoped into the back of his jeep crammed with 6 others and we were off.  We met a Canadian/New Zealand couple and an older ‘world traveled’ coupled from England in the jeep as we were all headed to the same resort.  Yeah resort……only option for the park, but it was worth every penny of the 17 dollars! Read the rest of this entry »

Reader Submission: Behaving in Havana, Cuba

29 08 2010

Havana, Cuba

Cuba was not exactly the type of trip that I am use to. First of all it was only for 3 days and it was business than anything. I went down to see if I wanted to work down there. While it is tough to give up a rotational job it was not going to last forever and I really do want to learn a second language before I croak so that is aligned with this goal. I also stayed in a resort with all of the creature comforts which was a bit new to me as well

The facility is a gas and steam electrical plant that to my untrained eye looks like a stinky and dirty electrical plant. Apparently with the combined cycle is state of the art. The office is a decrepit old trailer that is indicative of the state of things in Cuba. It is fine with me as I will now do anything to avoid a corporate head office. Going to Cuba also fits with another goal of mine of not to spend another winter in Canada. Read the rest of this entry »

Picture Perfect: Dublin, Ireland

28 08 2010
O’Connell Bridge, Dublin, Ireland

Along with her trips around Dublin, Ireland, Jackie submitted some great photos from around town.  Be sure to check out Trippin’ Through Dublin. Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

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